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Rock Band 3 PS3/Wii Mustang Guitar USB to MIDI Software (RB3M-USB2MIDI)

This program aims to emulate the Mustang guitar controller's native MIDI mode by using the USB dongle, so that it may be used wirelessly and without a MIDI cable.

It borrows from my previous RB3KB-USB2MIDI for PS3/Wii Keyboard to MIDI project.

Downloads and source code at:


  • Windows with .NET 4.5 Framework,
  • LibUSB filter driver, e.g. wizard from LibUsbDotNet,
  • A virtual MIDI device, e.g. loopMIDI (or you can test it with Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that's already available on Windows).

If you want to compile it yourself you'll need LibUsbDotNet and midi-dot-net - the packages on NuGet will do.


Install the LibUSB filter driver on your Mustang controller, keep in mind this is per USB port.

With LibUsbDotNet installed, your start menu will have program “Filter Wizard”.

  • PS3: “vid: 12ba pid:2430”
  • Wii: “vid: 1bad pid:3430”

With a virtual MIDI device program running, run RB3M-USB2MIDI, select your virtual device and click “Doing Nothing” to run.

Current Features from Native

A good explanation of how the Mustang in MIDI mode is supposed to operate can be found:

This program is work in progress, so far it has:

  • Note On/Off messages for 6 channels (strings) for the current fret.
  • Guitar and Synth modes, use the Start/Plus button to change. Remember in Synth mode you need to strum first to set velocity before buttons work.
  • Changing octave/program using the symbol/letter buttons, or from the GUI (this is bugged).
  • Resetting octave/program to default by holding the required opposite buttons (e.g. Square and Circle).
  • All Notes Off panic: Select/Home/Start together (this is bugged).
  • LED animations (seems to work on PS3 Mustang).

Missing Features from Native

  • The correct LEDs and speeds for everything. Synth mode should flash the first LED, however I have opted to use LED 4 to indicate it is turned on.
  • D-Pad for switching pedal function.
  • Any modulation/expression/pitch bend using accelerometer or pedal.

Missing Extended Features

So far this is the list I have thought of:

  • Enabling hammer on and pull off in Guitar mode.
  • Virtual capo

Known Bugs

  • If this program is anything like it's precedessor RB3KB-USB2MIDI it may randomly crash when the guitar is turned off or asleep (unconfirmed).
  • Changing octave/program using the GUI is unreliable.
  • Not really a bug, but RB3KB-USB2MIDI is a separate program for the Keyboard, and doesn't support MIDI-Pro Adapter for either Keyboard or Guitar (but something I could do).
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