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Rock Band 3 PS3/Wii Keyboard USB to MIDI Software (RB3KB-USB2MIDI)

This program aims to emulate the Rock Band Keyboard's native MIDI mode using the USB interface so that it may be used wirelessly and without a MIDI cable. Reddit page that lead to this.

Downloads and source code at:

See also:

  • RB3M-USB2MIDI for this program adjusted for Mustang guitar.
  • RB3KB-USB2PSKB for translating RB Keyboard to (PC) keyboard for Phase Shift.


  • Windows with .NET 4.5 Framework,
  • LibUSB filter driver, e.g. wizard from LibUsbDotNet,
  • A virtual MIDI device, e.g. loopMIDI.

If you want to compile it yourself you'll need LibUsbDotNet and midi-dot-net - the packages on NuGet will do.


Install the LibUSB filter driver on your keyboard, keep in mind this is per USB port.

  • PS3: “vid: 12ba pid:2330”
  • Wii: “vid: 1bad pid:3330”

With a virtual MIDI device program running, run RB3KB-USB2MIDI, select your virtual device and click “Doing Nothing” to run.

Current Features from Native

  • All 25 keys with velocity (although the implementation may be incorrect).
  • Changing octave/program using the top four buttons, or from the GUI.
  • All Notes Off panic (Select/Home/Start together).
  • Slider touch strip controlling Modulation and Pitch Bend (with overdrive button held down).
  • LED animations (may break PS3 keyboards).
  • Drum map the left 12 keys by pressing Up on the D-Pad, or from the GUI.
  • Pedal for Sustain

Extended Features

  • Press Down on the D-Pad to swap Modulation/Pitch Bend, or from the GUI.
  • Press Left to reset Pitch Bend.
  • Press Right to reset Modulation.
  • Option to ignore the keyboard's 0 value for Modulation and Pitch Bend (i.e. disables the auto-reset).

Missing Features from Native

  • The other pedal modes (expression and volume), the RB1 pedal does not work for these so I can't test what the raw data looks like.
  • The Select/Home/Start buttons being able to control some programs.


  • Toggling Drum Mapping from the GUI won't change the LED even with Animations enabled.
  • The program will randomly crash when the keyboard is turned off or asleep (unconfirmed).
  • Changing octave/program using the GUI is unreliable.
  • Not really a bug, but RB3M-USB2MIDI is a separate program for the Mustang Pro Guitar, and doesn't support MIDI-Pro Adapter for either Keyboard or Guitar (but something I could do).
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