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Convert/Emulate Guitar for Rock Band VR

Use X360ce Instead

Rock Band VR v1.01 supports 360 guitars, it seems to not care who made it. I've only tested this using a 360 wireless receiver for Windows and a standard wireless 360 controller. In theory you don't even need this for 360 Guitar Hero controllers unless you want to remap some buttons.

  • x64 xinput1_3
  • Controller > Advanced
    • Pass Through off
    • Device Sub Type “Guitar”
  • (Unnecesary?) Game Settings > rbvr.exe > PIDVID
    • Fake VID “7085” (0x1BAD)
    • Fake PID “2” (0x0002)

Proxy Guitar using USB/IP

The solution above is easier and safer, but if you're interested in what I was trying before the 1.01 update then read on.

ProxyGuitar is a C# program that attempts to emulate a USB/IP server that has a PS3 RB1 guitar - which it'll fill in the button data from a connected USB device (such as a Wii RB1 guitar not supported by RBVR).

Lag added shouldn't be that noticeable but the software is still being tested.

WIP attempt at a button mapping profile creator. Click the byte, click the bit then click the proxy button to map it to. Pressing buttons on the controller will light up the bytes/bits and any mapped proxy buttons.

I didn't get a chance to use the profile with the server, so it'll still be using the hard-coded Wii controller.

Source code in abandoned state:

If you want to preview the code:

Includes an altered HidLibrary for faster device report reading. It has some leftover code to act as a man-in-middle with another USB/IP server (such as one running on an Android phone) in order to research how it would respond to certain USB requests.


  • Disable Windows 10's driver signing enforcement and install the USB/IP 2.0 Unsigned Driver from Daniel Mitchell (the signed driver unfortunately causes blue screens when HID devices disconnect).
  • Create a USBIP folder in the same directory and unzip the USBIP 2.0 client inside.
  • Connect the USB device you want to convert
  • Open ProxyGuitar
    • Configure the device profile if necessary.
    • Start the server, it'll run USB/IP as well.
  • Run Rock Band VR

Helpful Resources

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