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Rock Band 3 PS3/Wii Keyboard/Mustang USB Tools

These programs aims to emulate the Rock Band Keyboard and Mustang Pro Guitar's native MIDI mode using the USB interface so that they may be used wirelessly and without a MIDI cable. Reddit page that lead to this.

Older versions:

Download test version from:

If you want to preview the code:


  • Windows with .NET 4.6.1 Framework,
  • A virtual MIDI device, e.g. loopMIDI (or you can test it with Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that's already available on Windows).
  • The LibUsbDotNet filter driver is only needed for PS3 Keyboard and Mustang controllers.

Some of the many things not yet carried over:

  • Phase Shift Keyboard
  • Stopping MIDI/USB/HID properly when closing the GUI (will need to close the console window for now).
  • Some MIDI functions (Pitch Bend/Modulation) are completely broken.

Changes from the separate programs:

  • Using HidLibrary for Wii controllers.
  • Using NAudio instead of midi-dot-net.
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