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Rock Band 3 PS3/Wii Keyboard USB to Phase Shift Keyboard (RB3KB-USB2PSKB)

Based on RB3KB-USB2MIDI but without the MIDI. Since the RB3 keyboard (especially the PS3 one) is a bit quirky and using Phase Shift with MIDI Link only allows you to play Keys, this program maps the controller to the default Phase Shift keyboard controls (1-5, tab, backspace, enter, delete) so you can also play Guitar/Bass.

I'm not very good at Phase Shift by the way; I've barely tested this.

Downloads and source code at:


  • Windows with .NET 4.5 Framework,
  • LibUSB filter driver, e.g. wizard from LibUsbDotNet,

Compile with Visual Studio 2015, and LibUsbDotNet - the package on NuGet will do.


Install the LibUSB filter driver on your keyboard, keep in mind this is per USB port. PS3: “vid: 12ba pid:2330” or Wii: “vid: 1bad pid:3330”.

Run RB3KB-USB2MIDI and click “Doing Nothing” to run. Play Phase Shift!

Further Notes

  • The console buttons (the far right white key is mapped as 5/orange), touch strip and overdrive should be fine.
  • The touch strip had to be mapped to pressing delete, so it's not analog.
  • White keys (and two of the black) will generally also strum when a new key is pressed down. I expect this will cause a lot of problems with chords. Can probably solve this by timing how long ago the last strum was.
  • In guitar mode you can cheese repeating chords by just releasing and pressing one of the keys.
  • Keys 12/14/16/22 and if connected a drum pedal will just press enter (this might be useful for bass guitar).
  • As with RB3KB-USB2MIDI it'll probably crash or throw an error message randomly.
  • The mapping was aimed to be the same as the emulated RB1 guitar Arduino project.
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