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Foxtel iQ4 Extended to House

The following is no good for 4k.

Up until a few months ago we were still getting by with a Foxtel Digital standard box connected to a TV with composite and an analog broadcast back out to the rest of the house - mainly used by a TV in the garage. We finally decided to join the rest of 2018 by upgrading to a Foxtel iQ4 box which does not have any form of analog out.

The main TV used by the Foxtel is a Hisense 50K390PAD, which has a rather cumbersome method of changing between inputs with the standard remote, so it mainly stays on Foxtel. Being able to connect the antenna to the Foxtel iQ4 for the remaining free-to-air channels to avoid the input switch was one blessing with upgrading along with the far clearer picture.

In pursuit to being able to watch the same Foxtel broadcast in other areas of the house again without getting more Foxtel boxes, we went with the following setup:

One of the main disadvantages to this is if someone wants to watch Foxtel on one of the other TVs, then the main TV has to as well or use another input - as it does not have an antenna connection to fall back to free-to-air.

Some of the other TVs and mainly the one in the garage do not support MPEG4, so sourcing a MPEG2 modulator was important however it means a sacrifice to the budget of solving this problem. Some of the TVs also don't support 1080p, the modulator above supports outputting the digital channel as 1080p or 1080i.

Cheaper Alternatives

Here is a few rough ideas for doing this a lot cheaper:

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